Afterlives: A thematic thread

Afterlives seeks to submit to scrutiny a concept that more often than not remains an under-explored metaphor. What forms of temporal experience, the thread asks, does the notion of afterlife allow capturing? How can it push us to rethink the boundaries of vitality? And, not least, what might the contemporary proliferation of afterlives tell us about our anxieties concerning life and its ambiguous endings in the 21st century?
Curated by Marlene Schäfers.

From Van to Yerevan: Dengbêj Gazîn & Ashugh Leyli

CD produced by Kalan Music (2017), in collaboration with Anadolu Kültür. Part of the “Women Ashughs and Dengbêjs Project” that took place in 2014-15 within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Programme, funded by the European Union, which I co-organized and accompanied as consultant.

  ©Marlene Schafers